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coronavirus restrictions

We take your safety seriously so we have implimented a few ground rules and regulations…..

We understand that you are on holiday and we want you to have fun and relax while you are with us. We are proud to be registered as a Responsible Tourism rated company. 

Some Simple Rules on Katfish

  • Masks to be worn at all times except when eating, drinking, swimming or while in your social bubble and 1.5m away from other guests. If you lose your mask we have them on board for just €1.00
  • Temperature will be taken on your entry to Katfish. If you have a temperature boarding will be denied
  • Hand sanitiser is applied to every guest and is available throughout the trip
  • No self service at ANY point for food and  drink. Your drinks will be poured and your food handed to you
  • No smoking on the boat anywhere including outside areas
  • 1.5m Distance to be observed when on board (marked out with yellow tape on board)

If we follow these simple rules, then everyone will have a safe and enjoyable time with us.

Enjoy our company in safety

covid safe trip lanzarote
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